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What to do if a cat gets stung by a bee?

As a cat owner it is important to ask yourself if you know what to do if your cat swallows or gets stung by a bee. Will you be prepared if this happens while on a family camping trip, or in the wee hours of the morning? Cats and bee stings can result in a serious situation depending on how many times your cat got stung and on what part of your cat’s body. Cats are curious animal, so when they get stung by bees it’s usually on the face, nose, or paw. The old adage, “curiosity killed the cat”, actually has an element of truth. Cats are nosy creatures, sniffing at anything of interest. Since felines find insects interesting, they sniff at them, and if they stick their nose where it doesn’t belong, that could turn out to be fatal. So, let’s take a comprehensive look at what happens if a cat got stung by a bee. Cats and bees Since their bodies are small, a bee sting can have a greater, faster effect on cats than it does on humans . Cats react to bee stings a lot like people do. You can expe

Cat GPS Tracker vs Cat RF Tracker vs Microchip Tech: Which is best?

The results of National Lost and Found Pets research survey, conducted by The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), revealed that only 74% of all cats that have been reported lost over the past five years have been happily reunited with their owners. The fear that their pet will go missing haunts every owner. Cat tracking devices are quite useful in finding lost or stolen pets. Microchipped Implant is growing more popular. The microchip acts as a permanent form of identification for your animal in the event they go missing. Most commonly asked question among Cat owner is “Can I track my cat with a microchip?” And the short answer is No. Microchip implants don't enable you to do much other than report your cat missing and wait for it to be found. Your cat must be found, captured and taken to a vet or shelter to begin the process of reuniting the animal with its owner. It seems that the most common misconception is that the microchip your cat’s vet impla

Natural cat sedative for travel

Cats are athletic by Nature and like security. They don't like being taken out of their comfort zone and get exposed to strange sights, smells, sounds or vibrations of the car. Most Cats get very nervous while traveling. If you have ever traveled with your meowing, stressed-out cat in a car or a plane will know how unpleasant and stressful the whole journey can be. The best solution would be to get your cat used to traveling by training. However, this would require time and effort. Medicine like Benadryl which is sold Over-the-counter can be used but using them can have harmful side effects like seizures, extreme sleepiness, coma, slow breathing or death. Natural Sedatives like Rescue remedy for cats, Feliway, and catnip, which are recommended by the most vet, can help your cat to remain cool and provide quick relief from stress without any harmful side effects. Sedatives are by definition substances that have Calming, soothing, tranquilizing effects. And Able to Reduce or re