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What to do if a cat gets stung by a bee?

As a cat owner it is important to ask yourself if you know what to do if your cat swallows or gets stung by a bee. Will you be prepared if this happens while on a family camping trip, or in the wee hours of the morning? Cats and bee stings can result in a serious situation depending on how many times your cat got stung and on what part of your cat’s body. Cats are curious animal, so when they get stung by bees it’s usually on the face, nose, or paw. The old adage, “curiosity killed the cat”, actually has an element of truth. Cats are nosy creatures, sniffing at anything of interest. Since felines find insects interesting, they sniff at them, and if they stick their nose where it doesn’t belong, that could turn out to be fatal. So, let’s take a comprehensive look at what happens if a cat got stung by a bee. Cats and bees Since their bodies are small, a bee sting can have a greater, faster effect on cats than it does on humans . Cats react to bee stings a lot like people do. You can expe

Why are Cats Afraid of Water?

It may appear that most cats living in our homes don’t like water, however this does not mean that cats are afraid of water. As evident from many viral YouTube videos, that cats are not afraid of water and this is mostly considered as stereotype by some experts. Any cat who has been exposed to water since kitten-hood may enjoy it. It is mostly a matter of personal preference and here are the top reasons why cats may be afraid of water or might hate water. • Negative Experience with water in past • Cats Ancestry • Swimming in Water might lead to exhaustion • To maintain optimal body temperature • They need their Smell of Scent • Cats coats get heavy when in water • Cats have super-sensitive and oddly-shaped ear canals • Water Temperature • They are forced into water as most cats do not like to be physically restrained. • Movement and sound of running water • They simply don’t enjoy it 1.Negative Experience with water in past Some Cats might have experienced traumatic events related to